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Valoi 6x6 Masker

Merk: Valoi

The VALOI masks are made specifically to fit into both the Advancer (with the Holder on top) or under the Holders if you use them without the Advancer. They are an optional accessory for scanning smaller formats.

While the Holders can accommodate smaller formats, some setups might struggle with stray light, causing flare in the lens, reflections on the film, or poor contrast. In these cases, the Masks mask off excess light if you are scanning a smaller format than the Holder's maximum size. They are not necessary for everyone but can be extra security if you want as clean a scan as possible.


There are 4 different masks, and these must be combined with their respective holders:

For medium format (VALOI 120 Holder):





For 35mm (VALOI 35mm Holder):

35mm Half Frame.


To use the mask, you must therefore buy the appropriate holder as well.

For more information about camera scanning, please see the Valoi Gear Guide. 


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