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Valoi Advancer

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This product requires a VALOI Holder: Either the 35mm Holder or the 120 Holder - not included in this delivery. It also requires simple assembly and a small-medium Phillips screwdriver.

With the Advancer you get a host of features set in a sturdy all-metal construction:

Speed: Scan a roll of 35mm film as quick as in two minutes using the precise knobs for advancing

Stability: Sturdy rubber feet and a heavy steel construction to keep everything in place

Leveling: More than 10mm fine threaded adjustment in each corner for getting a perfect scan

Evenly lit scans: The film is lifted approximately 50mm off the light source to diffuse imperfections on the light

Multi-format support: With adjustable rollers for most roll film formats ever made

Access to accessories: Designed to accommodate attachments such as the Duster and future VALOI 360 Accessories.


Additional accessories are necessary to produce a final image, including a digital camera, a close-focusing lens, and a light source. Please see the VALOI Gear Guide for more. 



VALOI Advancer

VALOI Getting Started Guide.


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