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Valoi Diffuser

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A diffuser is useful if your light source is not sufficiently diffused and you have problems with unevenly lit scans. We have chosen a diffuser material that cuts out less light than other similar diffusers as this gives higher shutter speeds. However, it does mean that scratches and dirt on the diffuser show up more easily and that it will not be enough diffusion for a strong, uneven light such as a bare LED panel. 

However, it will easily diffuse the grid pattern in a digital screen and help even out other light sources.

Our Diffuser is precision-cut to fit exactly with other products in the VALOI 360 line-up. It can be secured either to the bottom of the Advancer or to the top of the Adapter 104, or it can simply be used with one of our Holders by placing them on top.

This Diffuser is highly recommended if you are using a digital screen as a light source, especially if you are using our VALOI Holders on their own, without the Advancer.

For more information about camera scanning please see the Valoi Gear Guide.


Only the Diffuser is included.


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