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Valoi Duster

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The Duster is a set of anti-static brushes set in a high-quality, CNC machined aluminium frame specifically designed to work with the Advancer. It attaches to the accessory threaded holes on the back of the Advancer using thumbscrews. You can then thread your film through the Duster before it goes into the film holder so that it is freshly dusted when it gets scanned.

The double brush is great for getting dust and other particles off your film without having to constantly blow air on it (though if you combine the two you will get even better dust-free results, e.g. with Art.-No. 34860). This results in less dust-spotting on your final scan, saving you countless hours spotting dust on the computer.


The brushes themselves are 70mm wide, and so they will easily accommodate medium format film.

The features of the Duster are:

Anti-static double brushes, for dislodging dust on both sides of the film simultaneously

Attaches easily to the VALOI Advancer using the included thumb-screws

Quality aluminium construction

User-replaceable brushes (Spares will be available)

70mm wide: Suitable for any format up to and including 70mm gauge

Specially designed for the VALOI Advancer

Remember to clean the brushes regularly by running a clean finger through them rapidly a few times. You can also remove them to clean them. The brushes are user-replaceable and Valoi is also offering spares.


Includes only the VALOI Duster. 

Note that this accessory cannot be used without the Advancer.


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