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Fotospeed Gum Bichromate Kit

Merk: Fotospeed

You coat the paper with gum arabic mixed with a sensitive chemical, which hardens on exposure to Ultra Violet light. When wet, you can treat the with brushes and thus is modified considerably. Gum bichromate prints have little detail, but may sometimes appear almost like charcoal drawings. Fotospeed s Gum Bichromate Kit replicates all the excitement of this bygone process with all the materials you need in a simple kit. 

You will really love the delicate transparent palette that you can achieve. Once dried, the gum bichromate process results in a permanent pigmented image with unequalled depth.

Kit contains 5 sheets of 8x10 inch Canaletto fine are acid free paper, 5 sheets 8x10 inch digital contact film (to make contact negative) 250mls each of sizing, sensitising & clearing solutions. 3 tubes of high quality branded water colour paints (additional colours available from any art shop) + protective gloves and full instructions. Additional items required are a water proof coating board to attach the image paper and gummed tape to secure.

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