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Rollei RBM3 Black Magic Variable Grade 300ml

Merk: Rollei

Vloeibare emulsie van Rollei.

BLACK MAGIC LIQUID EMULSION - VARIABLE CONTRAST is a unique variable contrast photographic liquid emulsion. The desired contrast can be adjusted with VC-filters, color heads, or VC-enlargers, within a range of grades 1 (soft) to 4 (extra hard) RBM3 is intregated into the BLACK MAGIC System and offers a unsurpassed variety of use in combination with RBM4 and RBM5. Further contrast control is also possible by mixing this emulsion with RMB2 grade 3 emulsion.

ATTENTION: Cold store in refridgerator 6-8°C / 40-46°F. Contents are light-sensitive and should be opened under red safelight conditions only. Exposure of the emulsion should not exceed the limits of the safelight protection.

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